I Hate Luv Stories

Because “luv” in Bollywood is all about
smart comments and short-attention-
spanned moments>>>>>
There are two kinds of people in the world. One who will resolutely spell out, regardless of medium-and-time constrains, the full thing: love. El Oh Vee  Eee. This is sadly, a shrinking number. The other-a growling, heckling mass who breaks out I in hives when I see that insidious “u” on billboards, marquees, posters. Ewwuu.
Who has the time for love? Not Bollywood, which has been putting out all manner of luv stories for the past few weeks. This luv is quite a thing, a compendium of smart comments and short-attention-spanned moments designed to create temporary sensation. Example: pretty teenage girl being counseled by her best friend that the back seat of the car is       not the ideal place to loose it. It? Don’t be draft.
Not that the leading lady in Luv Ka The End, a pretty miss with the hots for the slickest stud in vicinity, is about to listen. Sage advice from good-natured friends with weight issues is only to be ignored, but not before we get the import of the statement: Indian teenagers are now happy to do openly, what American teenagers did in the 60’s and 70’s –in the back seat of their monstrous long-finned cadillacs. And that necking and holding hands and other such wimpy activities have been replaced by, haw, more strenuous stuff involving the removal of flimsy apparel and putting them upon protecting devices. Haan ab yehi pyar hai.
Among other significant markets we get from Luv Ka The End is that leading men can now be called Luv. In all seriousness.  Minus all the Irony.  Used to be that people who named their offspring Luv would usually have a twin called Kush. Now El Ewwuu Vee appears to have become perfectly acceptable stand-alone moniker, perfectly fitting for a flick that seems to have a few fleshed-out thoughts other than How to loose it in ten easy Steps.
In the film, made by newly       formed youth division of Yashraj Films, Luv’s father is an is an old        style shrewd business man who froths at the thought of maxed out credit cards. In spite the movie , aimed       straight at the kind of young who think of notching luxury convertibles and fresh virgin scalp as the something, the  stud’s dad should have been the one who led by example, roaring about in the fleet of expensive cars, and switching mistresses at the same rate.
But these films are not   geared towards logic, or towards what seem right. Well I am not saying that the person who says “luv u” is any less or more worthy then who say “I love you”. But the linguistically challenged phrase, and idea behind it, is making of movies are more gaming than, well, movies.
Any ways the monitor is straining my eyes now! Aaarg. Soon to come is anew movie called Love Express. It’s not called “Luv Express”, but it does have two young couples trying to get together. So will it make a mark?
Wl tel u l8r!
Prasoon Nischal.

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